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Guidelines for Levayas , Shivas and Stonesettings
(updated to be compatible with Scottish Government regulations July 15th 2020)

The Scottish Government has now confirmed that from Wednesday 15th July, a maximum of 20 people will be able to attend a funeral.

The restrictions on the categories of people who can attend funerals have also been removed- in many cases previously, attendance was limited to immediate family only.

Applying these regulations to Glenduffhill, funeral services will still need to be held outdoors, because of the continued requirement for 2 metre social distancing- our prayer hall is too small to accommodate safely a gathering of 20 people.

To ensure no more than 20 attend a funeral, the immediate family of the deceased should still invite other family members or close friends to attend. We encourage them, if possible, to invite 10 men to be present, so that Kaddish can be recited.

If it is unlikely that 10 men will attend, please advise Carolyn Dover and we will seek volunteers to ensure there is a minyan.

As has been the case for the past few months, only mourners will be asked to put in earth.

Individuals or community representatives might consider livestreaming funerals in order to allow others to be included.

At this time, a gathering of people in a Shiva house does not comply with government social distancing requirements. Therefore, Shiva visits should not take place. No minyanim will be held at Shiva houses and the Rabbi and Rebbetzen will not visit the Shiva house.
Chairs and books for the mourner/s to read can be made available by the synagogue office.
Community members are encouraged to fulfil the mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim (comforting the mourners) in other ways, such as through phone calls and email.

Tombstone Settings
i) Tombstones should be arranged with one of the approved stonemasons, and should be erected by them within one year of death.
ii) Traditional stone setting ceremonies will not take place for the time being. Families would however be able to visit the cemetery and view the stone.
iii) Families may wish to make a provisional booking for a stone setting ceremony with Carolyn Dover and with their Rabbi. They should however be aware that this would be subject to confirmation much nearer the time, and might need to be postponed depending on Scottish Government guidelines. There is no time limit on when such a ceremony might take place.

All of these guidelines are subject to change as mandated by the Scottish Government from time to time.

We should be blessed with Simchot, good health and a speedy end to the current health crisis.

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